Nikia Woods Bartending is different from any other event services company. Each event is special to us so all of our pricing and packages are custom made per client’s needs.

Bartenders work for tips! With that being said you do have the options of guest gratuity or hosted gratuity.

Guest gratuity: Guest gratuity allows for a tip jar to be placed on the bar top.

Host Gratuity: Host covers gratuity cost. If you choose hosted gratuity, the charge ranges from $1-3per person and is included in the final balance. This way there are no expectations from your guests to open their pockets to tip the bartender(s).

Suggested # of Bartenders:
1-100 guests = 1 bartender
100-200 guests= 2 bartenders
300 guests + = 3 bartenders & 1 barback

Bar back available that will allow for a faster and more efficient bartender for large events. (They restock ice and beverages) Barbacks are an additional $25/hr.


We accept all major credit cards